My Virtual Crew

Australia’s premier Virtual Assistant Agency that is located in Australia, for Australian businesses

Local People

Our assistants are located in Australia that are real Australians. No more dealing with overseas call centres. Local people with local knowledge.

Quality Vetted Agents

All of our agents are vetted through the Australian Federal Police to ensure that your business confidential material is maintained.

Time Tracked Hours

To ensure that you are getting what you pay for, all of our agents are time tracked on their tasks with your business and monitored for quality. 


Give us the to-do’s, leaving you to do the things you love.

My Virtual Crew has been a brand name among many businesses around Australia since 2005. The organisation was formed with the view “to allow all businesses within Australia to have a professional image without the price tag to match their competitors”  We do not believe that a small to medium size business should miss out because their competitors have the funding to hire a large team.


Be the best in the business

We believe that your businesses is the best – it is all about image. In a world where image is everything, we know that conducting the right research on your business, your market and your local area is the key to helping your business thrive. We believe that when we are hired by a business, we promote that business as we would promote our own branding, ensuring that professional image is in all of our agents DNA. 


What we do best

We ensure that our agents are skilled in what your business is looking for.

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